Review: F45 Training Gym Night Bazaar

As many of you are vegan athletes like myself I am sharing this blog article with you all which reviews F45 training gym at the night bazaar in Chiang Mai. Obviously there are lots of indoor fitness opportunities in Chiang Mai but this particular place is my favourite and I shall detail the reasons below. […]

Date Night: The Perfect Venue

It’s Valentine’s Day this week! Where will you be taking your loved one?! Want somewhere special? Here are my 5 recommendations of vegan-friendly venues which are perfect for a romantic evening. (As these are not in order of preference I have listed them alphabetically.) All of these restaurants are open until 10PM at night or […]

Vegan London 2019

Most of us know that London is one of the best cities in the world for vegan food. Here are three absolutely top notch fully vegan eateries I was lucky enough to visit on my recent trip there. Purezza Love pizza? This place takes the vegan pizza game to another level. Purezza is an all […]

End of 2018 Round Up

So much has happened in the vegan scene in Chiang Mai over the last few months! Three brand new vegan restaurants have opened up, two restaurants have moved and a couple of fabulous new veggie-friendly restaurants have been added to the scene. Read on to get the scoop!  The first place we’d like to mention […]

Vegan in Chiang Rai

If you are a vegan visiting Chaing Rai, there’s actually more than you might expect on offer here. Whilst Chiang Rai might not have anything like the scene that nearby Chiang Mai does, there’s been quite an improvement over the couple of years. It’s a fairly quiet city but there is enough to get it’s […]

Vegan in Pai

You will certainly not be disappointed as a vegan in Pai. We first visited Pai around 15 years ago when it was quite different to how it is now. One thing that has never changed is the vast number of restaurants that focus on vegetarian and vegan food. Many restaurants have come and gone over […]

Ten Places to Get a Vegan Wrap

Love a wrap/burrito? I’ve never actually known what the difference between is. So this post covers both. Luckily there are lots of places in Chiang Mai that sell these, so here are my top ten faves. As usual, we look for a choice of more than one wrap/burrito, plus ones that are already vegan without […]

Ten Places to get a Vegan Pancake in Chiang Mai!

I’m personally particularly partial to getting a vegan pancake in a restaurant in Chiang Mai for the simple reason that I am absolutely hopeless at making them. I have tried countless times and even bought a special silicon tray that is supposed to act as a mould (or something!) but they still always turn out […]

Vegan in Vientiane, Laos

If you should find yourself visiting the capital city of Laos, my guess is that it isn’t through a choice of your own. It isn’t really on the tourist trail, it’s more like a springboard place for other destinations. More commonly, if you’re visiting from Chiang Mai you’re probably doing a visa run. Even though […]

Five Places to Get a Great Vegan Burger!

What we look for: There are many restaurants in Chiang Mai that sell a vegan burger, so what makes these 5 stand out to us? The things we look for are of course the general taste and size of the burger, as well as the bun it comes in and the fries that it is […]

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